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Product Proof it Works Price
(1 Month Supply)
(3 Month Supply)
VigRx Plus Yes
3 Doctors with names and pictures, license information, and resumes, explicitly say VigRX Plus works, they prescribe it, and they use it

Video from Doctors supporting product

3 Independent Clinical Studies conclude VigRX works

Authenticated Customer Pictures

Videos showing happy users
$76.99 $205.99 Yes
MaxiDerm Yes
Doctor endorsed by name
Many Actual Customer Pictures
$59.95 $154.95 Yes
2 Doctors letters
3 Audio customer reports
$49.95 $120.95 Yes
Magna-Rx+ Sort of
Doctor endorsed
Vague letters with last names redacted
$59.95 $154.95 Yes
Vazomyne Sort of
Vague letters with last names redacted
$49.99 $139.97 Yes
Extend Sort of
Several detailed statements with last names redacted
$59.95 $149.85 No
Extenze Sort of
One laser doctor did a brief study and found that Extenze works and builds self-confidence. However, there were no detailed reports about penis enlargement and no photos.
There are 2 customer letters with last names redacted
$24.95 $52.95 Yes
Enzyte Not really
Several customer letters with last names redacted

Enzyte claims that it can improve the quality of an erection, like Viagra. Enzyte does not claim that it can make you bigger or longer, and in the fine print it says it cannot.
$34.95 $119.95 No
Xomax Man Dubious
Xomax does have pictures from customers claiming several inches of growth, but Xomax has previously had questionable claims and their Doctor has not been verified.

The pictured growth is not medically or physically possible. Check it out and make your own decision.
$59.99 $119.98 Yes
Natural Gain Plus No $59.95 $179.80
NOTE: Buy 3 bottles and get a 4th free
Sativol No $39.49 $118.47 No
Extenzite No $24 $55 No

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